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Internationale Tischmanieren

Internationale Tischmanieren Tips for Eating out & Etiquette

Tips for Eating out & Etiquette

Andere Länder, andere Sitten – dieses Sprichwort trifft auch auf die Tischmanieren im internationalen Umfeld zu. Mit den Tips for Eating out & Etiquette werden die ersten Schritte auf dem internationalen Parkett zum Kinderspiel.

Mit diesen Redewendungen liegen Sie immer richtig

Polite phrases for dining

  • I’ll have the fish and chips please (when ordering in a restaurant)
  • Could you please pass the salt?
  • Would you like more water?
  • Would you like to try this?
  • Could I try a bite of that?
  • Excuse me for a moment (when you get up from the table)
  • I don’t care for onions (don’t say “I don’t like…”)

Wussten Sie, dass Amerikaner Gabel und Messer beim Essen anders verwenden als Mitteleuropäer?

What’s with the fork juggling?

Knowing how to handle your fork and knife with confidence is an important part of table etiquette. When it comes to dining in the United States, you may notice that American dining etiquette differs from the common style used in continental Europe. Here is a short overview on the differences so you don’t experience any surprises at the international dining table.

Fork and Knife Zig-zag style:
Cut with fork in left hand, knife in right,
then switch to take a few bites,
setting down the knife
European style:
Keep fork in left hand,
knife in right when cutting and eating
Elbows and hands Elbows off the table!
Keep one hand on your lap,
except when cutting
Elbows off the table!
Keep both hands above the table
Different word, same meaning Napkin Serviette/napkin
Dessert Pudding/dessert
Chips Crisps
(French) Fries Chips
Appetizer Starter
Check Bill
Pop, soda Fizzy drink
Water with gas Sparkling water
Water without gas Still water

Einige Verhaltensformen bei Tisch gelten weltweit als absolutes Tabu!

Definite Don’ts

  • Don’t use your phone at the table – not even to text or tweet
  • Avoid wearing a hat at the table or in a restaurant, even on a bad hair day
  • Never talk with your mouth full, and try not to chew with your mouth open
  • Avoid reaching over your neighbor – politely ask them to pass you what you want

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