Englisch lernen: Conditional Sentences

Grammatik-Tipps: Conditional Sentences

Grammar Tips: Conditional Sentences

What will you do when you go to camp?

We use conditional sentences all the time to talk about possible – and not so possible situations. With this guide to the 1st and 2nd conditional, and a little practice, you can start using conditional sentences in English like a pro!

1st Conditional: The REAL conditional

Use the real conditional to talk about realistic or possible situations.

If + simple present, + will future / If the weather is nice, we will go windsurfing!

Examples from camp:

What will you do if you forget your toothbrush?

  • If I forget my toothbrush, I will ask the camp guide to buy one at the store!

What will you do if it rains during free-time activities?

  • If it rains, we will climb on the indoor climbing wall!
  • If it rains, we will have a table tennis tournament!
  • If it rains, we will watch a movie in English!

2nd Conditional: The UNREAL conditional

Use the unreal conditional to talk about unrealistic or hypothetical situations.

If + simple past, would + infinitive (without “to”) / If I lived in California, I would go surfing every day!

Examples from camp:

What would you do if you were a camp guide?

  • If I were a camp guide, I would play games in every English lesson!
  • If I were a camp guide, I would speak only English all day long!

What would you do if you could fly?

  • If I could fly, I would go to Australia!
  • If I could fly, I would never take the bus!


Now to you

What will you pack if you go to English camp for 2 weeks?

If I …, I will…

If you could invite any person in the world to camp, who would you invite?

If I …, I would…

If you won the lottery, what would you buy?

If I …, I would…


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