Camp Easter Games

What can you look forward to this Eastercamp?

So, you registered for a camp this Easter? Get ready to follow the life of an Easter Egg for a whole week at camp! Whether it’s hunting, decorating or dropping the precious egg, the team that keeps the most eggs safe until the end of the week scores a prize.

So start practicing 😉

Englischcamps_camps for friends_Osterferien_

Easter Camp Challenge – Part 1

Let the Egg Hunt begin: Follow clues with other campers and search indoors and outdoors for hidden eggs with possible surprises inside. Watch out: you have to keep the eggs safe until the end of the week to get points! 🙂

Easter Camp Challenge – Part 2

Let’s get creative with the Egg Decoration: Decorate your own unique eggs and keep them safe until the end of week. Tip: you can easily draw various funny faces on the Easter Eggs. 🙂

Englischcamps_what is your egg's personality

Easter Camp Challenge – Part 3

Protect the Eggs in the Easter Egg Drop Challenge: After bidding for the resources with your team, build a contraption to protect your eggs. Drop the Eggs and contraption from more that 2 meters up. Surviving Eggs get points! Tip: Find a guideline here for contraption preparation and start training already 🙂

The team with the greater amount of points wins the Easter Camps Challenge!

Hier finden Sie weitere Tipps für die Schulferien.