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5 Favourite Camp Activities

You would be surprised how much learning at camp takes place outside of the classroom. Activities no longer place the focus on learning the language, but playing the game. The language almost comes as second nature as the kids concentrate mostly on the challenge of the game.

Explore some of our favorite games and activities at camp:

1. Fashion Show 

Not only a girl’s favourite: Kids get to create their own outfit out of random materials and showcase it in a fashion runway  show!

The campers practice their English by explaining their design and motivations behind it to the jury. Every season we are spotting some great talent and have a lot of fun with our fashion show.

Englischcamp_Fashion-Show_camps for friends

2. Lunch Chats 

Let’s talk over a meal: Lunch is an important part of our daily lives. A lot of our quality camp time and random discussions take place when we are eating together. We exchange stories, ask riddles, and discuss random topics for the kids to get involved in.


3. Soccer match 

At camp it is  always world cup time! Whether it’s cheering for the team or battling in a fierce competition – a soccer game provides a common language between kids. Needless to say, the refereeing happens in English and everyone finds a reason to speak. Plus! The kids also acquire new vocabulary around soccer and ball games.

=> Check out our Cheat Sheet on ‘Essential Soccer Vocabulary.

Englischcamp_Soccer match_camps-for-friends

4. Night Walks 

Woohoo … Spookie! Night walks are a great way to experience nature, spark interesting conversation and get some fresh air. Equipped with torches, sticks and marshmallows we embark on a hike at dawn and return in the moonlight. Psst: Where we are  going is a secret …but one thing is for sure – the kids will love it!


5. Casino Night

Las Vegas Baby! Everyone dresses up for a special casino night and the kids learn the ins and outs of Poker, Black Jack, Roulette & Co.

“Your turn.”,… “Can I go again?” “How many cards do we get?” .. Games are simply a great way to learn new vocabulary and the kids are so involved and will soon forget that they are speaking English.


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